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About Singapore Academy of Law

The Singapore Academy of Law (SAL) is a promotion and development agency for Singapore’s legal industry. It is a body set up by statute. SAL is led by a Senate headed by Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon, and comprising the Attorney-General, the Supreme Court Bench and key leaders of the various branches of the legal profession. SAL works with our stakeholders from the Bench, Bar, Academia and Industry to set new precedents of excellence in Singapore law through developing thought leadership, world class infrastructure and legal solutions. SAL’s initiatives cover the full spectrum from Singapore Law Watch (a digital legal news daily) to Lawnet (a legal knowledge and research platform). Our legal publishing portfolio and and legal education programmes actively initiate and support thought leadership and sustained engagement with the law of technology and the technology of law. Current initiatives by SAL on the technology of law front include the Legal Technology Vision, the Future Law Innovation Programme and the LIFTED Technology Framework.

About MP Singapore

Trusted since 1987, MPI embodies more than a quarter century of event building, marketing and management experience in both Eastern and Western cultures, practices, and business philosophies. We bring world-class talent, industry expertise, and incredible enthusiasm into the design and management of extraordinary online-to-offline experiences for your organisation.

MPI is part of Pico Group, a global group of agencies specialising in engaging people, creating experiences and activating brands for businesses, institutions and governments. As part of the Pico group, MPI has unlimited access to a wide network of industry contacts and resources. Pico Far East Holdings has been listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since 1992.

For more information, visit www.mpinetwork.com

About Ministry of Law, Singapore

The Ministry of Law is a ministry of the Government of Singapore responsible for ensuring that Singapore’s legal infrastructure is clear, efficacious and transparent. It is currently led by Minister for Law K Shanmugam. The Ministry of Law formulates and reviews legal, intellectual property, land, insolvency, public trustee, moneylending, pawnbroking, legal aid and community mediation policies, as well as legislation and strategies under MinLaw’s purview; provides legal and policy input for other Ministries’ proposed Bills and programmes; develops the legal services, alternative dispute resolution and intellectual property sectors; and regulates and licenses all law practice entities and registers foreign-qualified lawyers in Singapore, amongst other its other functions.