TechLaw.Fest is a signature Law & Technology event hosted annually in Singapore. TechLaw.Fest brings together the international community to debate, deliberate, act and innovate in both the law of technology (policies, regulations, legislation, case law and governance) and the technology of law (infrastructure, business transformation and people development). Over two days, delegates can look forward to a range of activities including the following:

The main conference titled The Net Effect of Data: Commerce, Connectivity & Control invites diverse representatives from the private and public sectors to debate and provide more nuanced appreciation of the legal and regulatory issues around responsible data use, access and control of data, data security and 5G, and the role of data in commerce. How can the global legal community facilitate a convergence on key issues to provide more consistent approaches to managing these issues, and more certainty to individuals and businesses?

Building on the issues surfaced at TechLaw.Fest in 2018, delegates will be able to choose from a selection of workshops and seminars from three categories:

  1. In our Deep Dive seminars, delegates can deepen their engagement with the latest in the Law of Technology in areas such as Blockchain & Smart Contracts, and AI & Robotics.
  2. On the Tech of Law front, join any or all of the Innovation Journey dialogues where start-ups, law firms and legal departments share the practical steps they have taken to embrace transform old ways of doing, encourage new ways of thinking, and implement new ways of being in the legal industry.
  3. For those who want a little bit of everything, the Firehose sessions will give you plenty. These sessions cover a range of technology law and legal technology issues that are currently relevant to different stakeholder groups.

Sometimes, a chance encounter is the catalyst that sparks a great discovery. The Legal Tech Exhibition and Tech Talks Stage is the perfect place to take in all the exciting products and services for and by the legal industry.

Not one to leave things to chance? Our Structured Business Networking activities will help you plan ahead and connect with the people you want to meet, when you want to meet them, where it matters.

Competitions, Lab Crawls and international fringe activities through TLF19 ‘nodes’ in the US, UK and Europe will mean plenty to do before, during and after the formal programmes at TechLaw.Fest 2019.

TechLaw.Fest is about candid discussion, lively experimentation and meaningful action. So, come armed with the problems you want solved and you may just find what you need or fire-up someone’s imagination to create a solution with you.