Launch of ALITA

Launch of Asia-Pacific Legal Innovation and Technology Association (ALITA)

A highlight of this year’s TechLaw.Fest is the launch of the Asia-Pacific Legal Innovation and Technology Association (ALITA). Even as interest in legal technology and innovation in legal services are rapidly gaining ground across Asia, there is not any international body to facilitate cross-border collaboration in this space and promote the sharing of knowledge. ALITA aims to fill this void and serve as a pan-regional platform with the following aims:



Promote the development and use of legal technology, as well as to advance thought leadership and education in the fields of legal innovation and technology.


Aid the efforts of national legal technology associations and provide guidance and expertise in the creation and operation of local legal technology associations.


Enhance connections, collaboration and coordination between legal tech associations, regulators, law firms, corporate legal departments, technology companies and legal tech interest groups across APAC to generate opportunities for our stakeholders.

Join us for the launch of ALITA on 5 September at 1430hrs during the Conference session on the Review of the State of Legal Innovation in the Asia Pacific!

[Note] This session is open to registered delegates only.