Hackathon for a Better World by DBS x SG Judiciary

1 October 2020, 11:30 – 12:45 GMT +8

Hackathon for a Better World by DBS and Singapore Judiciary kicked off in July 2020 with 37 teams. The objective is to use law as a force for social good. Over 2.5 months, teams in the hackathon’s learn-as-you-hack-format were encouraged to interview their target audience, generate insights, build, test and then iterate in developing their solution.

On 1 October 2020, live judging of the Top 6 finalists will take place at TechLaw.Fest 2020. Each team has 6 minutes to showcase how they used DBS’ design thinking framework to arrive at solutions to their selected problem statement. The 6 finalist teams will vie for four awards: Most Innovative, Most Feasible, Most Life Changing and Most Human-Centred solutions.

See how the Top 6 finalists address these challenge statements:

1. What role can the legal profession play to help everyone in the society have better access to justice?

2. How can businesses and the legal system collaborate to provide easier access to justice and improve customer experiences?

3. How can the justice system become more agile, responsive and flexible to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving society?

Challenge statement Team Name From Brief Poster
1 Aid-in-person State Courts

How might we ensure that every accused person who wishes to be assisted but cannot afford legal representation will be provided with some form of legal assistance to empower them in their own case?

Harnessing community resources and technology to give voice to accused persons who did not engage lawyers at any stage of proceedings, enabling them to navigate through the Criminal Justice System and empowering them to conduct their own case

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1 Access and Opportunity


Law Firm, Allen &Overy LLP


How might we help migrant workers know their legal rights, and better navigate Singapore’s legal system?

Consolidating legal resources and other information in the native languages of the migrant worker community through an easy-to-implement, open-sourced, online platform

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1 LAB Legal Tech Legal Aid Bureau

How might we empower wives facing family violence to seek help?

Educating and empowering wives facing family violence by providing them with self-help tools and guidance on navigating the legal process and seeking support from social services

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2 White Hat Hackers DBS

How might we enable next-of-kin to access and distribute deceased’s assets in a quick, fuss-free, and low-cost manner?

Creating a consolidated view of deceased’s assets and enable the next-of-kin a one-stop process for dealing with all institutions

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2 JustPay! Mixed – Supreme Court, DBS, LegalFAB

How might we reduce the amount of manual touchpoints for parties to litigation for payment during the litigation process?

Creating a payment middleware for parties to litigation to enable machine-executable judgments and provide a seamless litigation experience

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3 The Silver Age


State Courts


How might we help elderly court users through their court process, and give them targeted and customised information?

Easing court experience for elderly court users and connecting them with e-Service ambassadors through Court Buddy app

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