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28 Sep

1145 – 1200

Singapore Corporate Counsel Association (SCCA) – Tips and Challenges for In-house for 2020

Stanley Park, Managing Director & Head of Legal Asia Pacific, Scotiabank & Member, SCCA

1215 – 1230

Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) – Inventing the Next Greatest Thing

James Collison, Senior Counsel (Intellectual Property), Mastercard Asia/Pacific
& Member, ACC Singapore

1245 – 1300

LawTech in Central Asia

Mark Beer OBE, Chairman
Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC) Advisory Council on the Development of Legal Technology

1315 – 1330

How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can support the Legal Profession 

Abdallah Zabian, Offering Leader and General Manager for Analytics and Security

DXC Technology

1500 – 1515

Transforming the Delivery of Services Through Legal Automation

Evan Wong, Co-founder & CEO

1530 – 1545

Making Real Work Automation Ideas Come To Life: Rapid, No Code, and Fun

Serena Lim, Director
Bizibody Technology

1730 – 1745

Using AI for Expedited and Insightful Document Reviews 

Frederick Goddard, Account Manager

1800 – 1815

Visualisation and Legal Practice 

Tim Follett, Chief Executive Officer Structureflow 

1830 – 1845

Tech and Talent Showcase: Rock Your LinkedIn Profile

Carol Chuah, Talent Development Strategist


29 Sep

1145 – 1200

How Brazil is Leading Legal Innovation in Latin America

Fabio Cendão, Founder

1200 – 1215

Snapshot of the LegalTech Landscape in China

Megan Meng, Director (Strategic Partnerships)

1230 – 1245

De-risking Investment – the Astana International Financial Centre and AIFC Business Connect 

James Martin, Chief Executive Officer
Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC) Business Connect

1315 – 1330

Persuasion via Webcam: How to convince people and influence decisions when you’re not in the same room

Khelvin Xu, Partner
Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP

1500 – 1515

How Game Changing Are eHearings? A Quantitative Analysis

Serena Lim, Co-Founder & Director
Litigation Edge
Brad Mixner, Co-Founder & Technology Strategist
Litigation Edge

1530 – 1545

Using the Right Technology to Comply with Current Data Protection Regulations

Chu Yun Sil, Chief Executive Officer

1730 – 1745

The Mongolian Legal Industry and its developments on Legal Technology

Zolzaya Mundur, Chief Executive Officer

1800 – 1815

Cybersecurity Concerns in the Legal Industry and Beyond

Wong Onn Chee, Technical Director
Rajah & Tann Cybersecurity

1830 – 1845

Tech and Talent Showcase: Rock Your LinkedIn Profile

Wilson Chen, Account Director
LinkedIn Talent & Learning Solutions


30 Sep

1145 – 1200

Digitalizing by (Carefully) Doing Less – not More!

Tan Sian Lip, Chief Executive Officer

1215 – 1230

Ask and You Shall Receive: Information Extraction from Judgements with AI

Jonathan Wai, Law Student
National University of Singapore

1245 – 1300

Measuring the Maturity of your Innovation Function 

Abhijat Saraswat, VP, International Business 


1315 – 1330

What does a Digital Legal Department look like? 

Paul Lanzone, SVP, Global Operations Lead


1500 – 1600

Your Clients are Agile, How about you?

Sylvain Mahe, Enterprise Agile Coach
Venetia Foo, Agile Coach

1730 – 1745

Challenge, Choice or Change: Does Legal Education Prepare you for a Role in Tech?

Amelia Chew, Co-Founder
Letters of the Law
Nigel Yeo, Global Product Manager

1800 – 1815

Transformation of Russian Courts

Alex Pelevin, Founder, and Co-Founder, Inc

1830 – 1845

Tech and Talent Showcase:Tech and the war for Talent: Why Legal Tech will not replace lawyers #21stCenturyLawyering

Shulin Lee, Co-Founder
Ansa Search
Helen Ng, Co-Founder
Ansa Search


01 Oct

1145 – 1200

Tackling the Socio-legal Challenges Faced Today through Technology

Leonard Lee, Executive Director
Community Justice Centre

1215 – 1230

Conquering my Fears: Legal-tech in Law School

Zane Chong, Student President
alt+law, National University of Singapore

1245 – 1300

Access to Justice: From before the Internet to beyond

Chan Yuk Lun, Founder

1315 – 1330

Adopting Technology to Advance the Rule of Law: Stories from Southeast Asia

Hannah Lim, Head of Rule of Law and Emerging Markets

1500 – 1515

Law Society Pro Bono Services – Enabling A2J Through Digital and Virtual Means

Foo Juyuan, Manager, Criminal Legal Aid Scheme
Law Society Pro Bono Services
Regana Zara Mydin, Assistant Manager (Community, Outreach &Communications)
Law Society Pro Bono Services

1530 – 1545

The impact of the robotics era on the Legal industry

Harel Tayeb, Chief Executive Officer

1730 – 1745

CalculAID – For the Migrant Workers

Shukrina Salam, Law Student
Singapore Management University

1800 – 1815

E-Litigation in process of Indonesia Judicial Transformation

Evandri G Pantouw, Chief Executive Officer

1830 – 1845

Tech and Talent Showcase: How to Learn Now for Tomorrow

Amin Neghavati, Digital Technologist and Training Consultant
The British Council


02 Oct

1145 – 1200

An Analytical Excursion of the Legal Innovation and Legal Tech Trends in the Asia-Pacific Region

Eric Chin, Principal (Innovation & Strategy)
Alpha Creates

1215 – 1230

The Distributed Law Firm

Faith Sing, Director
fsLAW Asia

1245 – 1300

1315 – 1330

Lessons Learned from Create +65

Laura Collins Scott, Innovation Lead
Clifford Chance
Shanice Choo, Innovation Analyst
Clifford Chance

1500 – 1515

The Power of Online Platforms to advance Client Engagement

Pernilla Linden, Head of Marketing and Business Development Australia

1530 – 1545

Transforming Teaching: Moving Legal Skills Education to Online Models

Tris Xavier, Lecturer
Singapore University of Social Sciences

1730 – 1745

How Not to Kill Innovation with a Pilot Project

Rik Nauta, Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder
Donna Legal

1800 – 1815

Drafting Automation: the How, the Why & the ROI

James Quinn, Chief Executive Officer

1830 – 1845

Tech and Talent Showcase: Legal Talent

Olivia Seet, Partner
Major, Lindsey & Africa
Ashish Raivadera, Managing Director
Major, Lindsey & Africa

Information is accurate as of 2 September 2020 and is subject to change